Maximus vs. Eddard Stark

Originally posted on June 4th, 2013 by Medieval Collectibles

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Maximus vs Eddard StarkThis match-up by popular request (@Zan Campbell, this one is for you). A powerful warrior from Westeros who rules over men and once fought in a rebellion for the crown comes face to face with a real leader from Rome who lost it all, became a gladiator, and won the hearts of his nation all over again. Maximus Decimus Meridus is the Roman commander of the Armies of the North and General of the Felix Legions. His demeanor, skill, and honor make him a fierce general, a strong fighter, a leader who commanded the loyalty of his men, and a famous gladiator even in slavery. Eddard Stark is a warrior and a leader of men, as well as the Lord of Winterfell. He wields the Valyrian steel sword Ice. Both are skilled warriors and great leaders, but it may come down to bladework. Who do you think stands as victor?

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